Who We Are


PRO Group, Inc. is a merchandising and marketing firm dedicated to generating ideas and developing for-profit programs for Distributor and Retailer Members. By continually analyzing current and prospective markets, PRO Group pinpoints opportunities that will strengthen the network and benefit the bottom line of all Members.




Why Choose PRO Group


More than a decade of expansion can be attributed to PRO Group’s unique footprinting strategy. By establishing a distinctive marketing “footprint” in the hardware, lawn and garden, farm products and agricultural markets, PRO Group has built a powerful presence in these industries.

Today, PRO Group represents more than $6 billion in annual buying power through PRO Hardware, GardenMaster, Golden-Link, and FARMMART. Other ventures outside the traditional hardlines product lines also strengthen the Group’s purchasing power. 

PRO Group Members benefit from a variety of support programs including leading-edge marketing and promotional services. These programs are designed to help Members remain financially strong and competitive.


How PRO Group Helps


All of PRO Group follows a similar philosophy — develop marketing strategies and support programs to help Distributors and Retailers successfully meet the competitive challenges of the marketplace. The foundation of PRO Group is based on six core ingredients:

  • National Identity

  • Group Purchasing Power

  • Store Modernization

  • Promotional Programs

  • Inventory Management

  • Value Added Services