Marco Island, FL (November 20, 2017) – Life is all but back to normal after Hurricane Irma hit the island back in September. The JW Marriott opened its doors, with little evidence of the storms destruction to set the scene for the 2018 Executive Planning Conference, hosted jointly by Distribution America and PRO Group, Inc.

The annual event included more than 2,600 face to face distributor/supplier meetings, and networking events over a 3-day period allowing new and current suppliers quality time with key decision makers from both organizations.
Steve Draeger, President and CEO of United Hardware Distribution Company, located in Plymouth, MN, appreciates the format of the conference for the efficiencies it affords his merchandising team and the “opportunity to accomplish so much in a short period of time.”

Vendor attendee Jake Golab, Retail Sales Manager at B&K, LLC, stated that “the DA/Pro Group Executive Planning Conference is a cost effective and time saving way of meeting with the majority of our customers’ decision makers. The benefits of this conference are priceless.”

Nathan Lee, National Account Manager with Southwire, added “we implemented programs with key members that will drive sales of retail assortments. This conference is one of the most valuable tools in ensuring that each year is better than the last.”

Dave Christmas, President and CEO of Distribution America, acknowledged that “the conference provides an opportunity to expand relationships between our distributor members and the vendors that support our group and industry. Each prescheduled meeting provides manufacturers the opportunity to meet with the principles from most of the nation’s largest independent distributors, to discuss future opportunities and promotions, present new products, and review strategic objectives for the coming year.”

“The EPC always delivers a lot of value when it comes to networking with our peers and our supplier partners,” said Chris Beach, President and CEO of The Bostwick-Braun Company, located in Toledo, OH. “The event produces a lot of energy and focus on helping the distributors and vendors maximize mutual opportunities for 2018.”

Steve Synnott, President and CEO of Denver-based PRO Group, restated the benefits of the event for all attendees. “The EPC stands out as an extraordinary opportunity to introduce new suppliers and distributors to each other while fostering the relationship development of longer-term channel partners. The event’s timing, resort venue and attendees combine to deliver a uniquely valuable experience.”
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