Denver (May 18, 2020) – PRO Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that Shari Kalbach has been promoted to Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Kalbach will now direct PRO Group’s operational improvements while working to strengthen customer focus.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing/International Business from the University of Tulsa, Kalbach has served PRO Group in three key management roles over her 23 years of service. From an Account Executive to Managing Director to Vice President, Kalbach has tackled each new role with enthusiasm and has encouraged her team to pursue innovative solutions.

“I knew when Shari joined the company in 1997, we were gaining an expert manager who was accustomed to multitasking in a high-energy environment,” said Steve Synnott, President and CEO at PRO Group. “I found she had an unrivaled work ethic coupled with a direct communication style and, perhaps most importantly, a granular understanding of what drives PRO’s value to customers. Her contribution to the company’s success has grown every year and I am proud to see Shari expand her management contribution in the new Vice President and Chief Operating Officer role.”

Beyond her contributions to PRO Group internally, the relationships she has forged with members and customers continues to drive PRO’s success. Customers laude Kalbach’s no-nonsense communication style and her innovation in developing tailored solutions for each unique situation she encounters. Doyle Wallace, President & CEO of Wallace Hardware, commented that Kalbach has earned the respect of key retailers and the entire Wallace team with her genuine interaction and consistent commitment to the success of PRO Hardware and Farm Mart retailers.

“I am thankful for the relationships I have made throughout my time at PRO Group as they have contributed to my success. I consider many who work for our distributors, manufacturers, and retailers as personal friends and am honored to be a part of such an amazing and essential industry,” Kalbach said. “I look forward to continuing to nurture these relationships and working together to strengthen the independent home improvement industry and two-step distribution.”

As Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Kalbach will direct PRO Group operations in Colorado while continuing to spend as much time as possible with customers at their locations, and at PRO events and industry functions.


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