Denver, CO (August 3, 2016) – Running an effective hardware business takes vast skills, dedication and a love for customers and the industry. Three retailers are being honored by Denver-based PRO Group, Inc. for achieving retail success and upholding the principles and ideals of effective hardware retailing.

This year, PRO Group awarded its annual Paul L. Cosgrave Memorial Award to Debbie Supply PRO Hardware. PRO Group also recognized Fayetteville PRO Lumber & Supply as the 2016 Paul L. Cosgrave Memorial Award Finalist.

Named after PRO’s founder, Paul Cosgrave, the Paul L. Cosgrave Memorial Award is presented annually to a PRO Hardware retailer for their great dedication to the principles and ideals of effective hardware merchandising that Cosgrave developed.

Both companies, and Zillah PRO Hardware, were also named PRO Retailers of the Year by their PRO Hardware Distributors.

“These retailers were selected because they represent the best of PRO Hardware,” said Shari Kalbach, managing director for PRO Group. “Considering sales, operations management, advertising, merchandising, and much more, these retailers are at the top. We’re very proud of these local businesses and are honored to have them in the PRO family.”

Paul L. Cosgrave Memorial Award Winner
Debbie Supply PRO Hardware
East Rochester, New York

With a varied product assortment, excellent customer service, a friendly environment and community service: Debbie Supply PRO Hardware in East Rochester, New York, has mastered the recipe for success.

Store owner Mark Barbero is committed to stocking the store to fit his customers’ every need, including hard-to-find items. For example, he carries lots of faucet stems so shoppers are guaranteed to find the parts they need for a project. His continuous efforts to add new items to the store’s product assortment has transformed the 10,000-square-foot store into a one-stop-shop preferred by customers.

“Debbie Supply PRO Hardware has stood the test of time,” said Cameron Mahood, dealer sales representative for The Bostwick-Braun Company. “They’ve competed against big-boxes by providing personal service to every single person who walks through their doors. When a Debbie Supply employee talks with customer, they try to find solutions, not just products.”

“We want to be there for our customers, to provide whatever they need, when they need it,” said Barbero.

The immaculate customer service provided by the staff at Debbie Supply PRO Hardware also defines the company as a true standout. Barbero and his staff have years of experience, and are always willing to go the extra mile for a customer. Barbero himself once drove 15 miles in a snowstorm to find an igniter to fix a customer’s furnace.

Debbie Supply PRO Hardware is also known for giving back to the community. Barbero and his family often use the kitchen in the back of the store to prepare weekly meals for employees, and host an annual holiday party with a large Italian buffet for customers, staff, friends and family. In addition, the store supports schools and other local organizations with monetary donations and space and supplies for fundraising efforts.

Paul L. Cosgrave Memorial Award Finalist
Fayetteville PRO Lumber & Supply
Fayetteville, Tennessee

To provide the customer with excellent service, convenient shopping hours and competitive pricing. That’s the mission statement at Fayetteville PRO Lumber & Supply, and the ownership and staff at the company go above and beyond to meet it each day.

Five buildings and a lumber shed make up the over 34,000-square-foot business of Fayetteville PRO. With five expansion projects under its belt since 1993, the company has used PRO Hardware’s formula for success to remain profitable, providing the best store environment and quality products to customers along the way.

Fayetteville PRO takes pride in its ability to stock or special order all products required to build a home from the ground up. The store carries framing lumber, architectural supplies and items to design a home’s interior, such as tubs, showers and doors, so customers can find the items needed for creating a home.

The top-quality staff at Fayetteville PRO also makes it an easy choice for customers.

“Whenever we hire someone the first thing we drive into their brain is customer service,” said Tommy Eslick, general manager of the store. “It doesn’t make any difference who walks into the store; we treat everyone the same. Our customers know that, and that’s what keeps people coming back. Our customer service and product knowledge are two of the best things we have to offer.”

“The personality of Fayetteville PRO Lumber and Supply is indicative of the goals and desires of its founders: Provide an environment of customer friendly and service-driven personnel to make the customer’s shopping experience one that will continually bring them back to the store,” said Richard Snowden, sr. vice president at Wallace Hardware Company. “This continues to be carried out by the current leadership team, led by Tommy Eslick.”

Eslick and his staff also strongly believe in community involvement. Fayetteville PRO has sponsored and supported more than 20 community organizations over the past several years.

PRO Hardware Retailer of the Year
Zillah PRO Hardware
Zillah, Washington

Zillah PRO Hardware in Zillah, Washington, is the 2015 PRO Hardware Retailer of the Year for Horizon Distribution, Inc. A strong supporter of the PRO Hardware program, the exceptional company was selected for the award based on its ability to succeed both in business and in its community.

Twenty-five-year-old Zillah PRO Hardware has built strong plumbing and electrical categories, and owner Ken Waymire continues to improve his inventory based on the wants and needs of his customers.

“The store has continued to adapt to the changing market by adding new categories like sporting goods and fishing supplies,” said Mike Dawson, sales manager for Horizon Distribution, Inc. “The store reflects Ken’s strong knowledge in plumbing and electrical, and his passion for fishing.”

According to Dawson, Waymire also has a strong reputation in his community and will open the store up at any hour to help a customer with an emergency.

Waymire is also past president of the Zillah Chamber of Commerce and was instrumental in starting a “shop local” campaign in the town. He organized shared marketing efforts with other local businesses to keep customers’ dollars in the Zillah area.